What we do

  1. Help & handhold you create & grow your Government1 business incl. Policy Advocacy.
  2. Digital Transformation to Transform Your Organisation 3600. Engage with you to execute the Inevitable.
  3. Mentor you and your Leadership team in Organisation Transformation and Growth Story.
  4. CSR Ecosystem, build, grow, and manage transparently through Digital Platform

Government business in India will continue to be recession-proof for few more decades.

SMB (Small and Medium Business) in India will continue to be ‘Engine of Growth’.


Our Opportunities to Engage

Government businessis all about ecosystem2. Building, managing, and growing Government ecosystem is all about Government business. Perseverance and Focus are key to doing successful business with Government.

In last one decade or so, World is going through transformation as never before. Emerging Technologies3 are causing the disruptions4 to all-round business and our lives. We live in the ‘World of Unknown5’. Our opportunity is to demystify & contextualise ‘Digital Transformation’, an inevitable.

‘Engine of Growth’ is all about Focus with Right people doing Right things at Right time. ‘Let Go’ is among toughest thing ever, do we have choice in today’s times? Can we be Start-up6 for ever!

CSR is all about ‘Give’, even Government expects from some as mandate. CSR is best achieved by working with 3600 stakeholders. In today’s times, best done DIGITALLY.

Some more background

Government opportunities can be seen all-over. Identifying areas of focus and focus is among most Critical Success Factors. Being at right place at right time in right company is among the single most differentiator. One can be in business of winning tender or filling tenders. Choice is very fine.

Build, sustain, and scaleGovernment ecosystem is ‘Science and Art’ & ‘easier said than done’ for new entrants as well for those who have been in Government business for ages.

Technology-led disruptions are impacting all facets of business, including not limited to, functional & non-functional, core & non-core, internal & external, … Today’s business environment is more about being agile and task-focused.

Everything is challenged. There is no more scope for ‘Status Quo’. Age & Experience are not differentiating factors. Relevance and Existence is the name of the game.

SMB mostly has the challenge of scale, reach, and being part of large & formal business environment. SMB, with little hand-holding with care, will continue to have bigger role as‘Engine of Growth’ for Economy.

CSR is best achieved when right purpose and processes are followed with complete transparency and measurement. There is a very fine line with Donation and CSR.

Such a dynamic, unknown, and disruptive environment poses just challenges, every now. Every challenge opens up the world of opportunities.The ‘science’ is to read the challenges timely and ‘art’ is to manage them well. It is a continuous and never ending journey.


1 Government: also termed as Public Sector Units (PSU). Government may include Central Government, State Governments, Municipalities, and Public Sector Organisations across sectors.2 Ecosystem in the context of Government may include, not limited to,: Policy makers, Decision makers, End-users, Funding organisations, Academia, State Nodal Agencies, Central Procurement Agencies, System Integration (SI) companies, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Industry Consultants, Government Consultants, PSU SI companies, ISV (Independent Software Vendors), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer*), Influencers,

* OEM: Server, Storage, Network, Communication, Emerging Technology Platform, System Software, Application Software (COTS: Commercially-Off-The-Shelf), and other Infrastructure components. All this could be for on-premise and/or on Cloud.

3Emerging Technologies: AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning), Robotics, Blockchain, Censors/ IoT (Internet of Things), Mobility, Cloud, Social Media,

4 The disruptions, primarily technology-led, shall be understood more in positive and constructive terms. Disruptions are more creating opportunities through challenges.

5‘World of Unknown’: We don’t know, what we don’t know. Planning horizons have changed.

6Start-up: It is about Ability, Attitude, and Agility. Ability to take Risk, Attitude to Learn, and Agility to keep pace with ever-changing times. ‘Start-up’s AAA’ in today’s ever-changing times, as never before. Start-ups are making biggies dance.

CSR Ecosystem

CSR is for a Cause and CSR is best delivered through an ecosystem of right and likeminded committed stakeholders with strong value system. CSR in India is on rise, both in terms of Funds and Spend, still a long way to go. CSR is all about ‘Reach the Unreach’. As Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi […]

Government and Public Sector

Start & Grow Government, Public Sector, and Academia (Public Sector & Academia – PS&A) business with IBPLATFORM. PS&A is recession proof business in India for few more decades. PS&A is more Science & Art than other businesses for more than one reasons. Public Sector is ecosystem driven comprising Policy makers, Decision makers, Funding agencies, End-users, [...]

Digital Transformation

Technology-led Disruptions are causing new challenges and newer opportunities. Emerging Technologies will lead the way in all round developments around us. Digital Transformation (DT) is easier than done. DT is inevitable. Do DT now or never. DT is key to stay relevant in business ecosystem. One shoe doesn’t fit all. DT is like a journey. [...]


SME is the Engine of Growth. SME Leadership and Organisation need appropriate interventions with hand-holding to keep pace with changing times never before. IBPLATFORM has the mantra to create and hand-hold the Transformational Journey. Leadership Coaching, Scalable Business Strategies, and Organisation Transformation is like journey.